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Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the therapeutic use of music by trained and qualified professionals to reach non-musical goals in areas such as physical, cognitive, social and/or psychological. Music Therapy is research based and can be effective with several populations such as children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism, people with behavior challenges, older adult groups, hospice patients, individuals with psychological disorders, medical conditions and neurological disorders. Music Therapists work with all ages, from infants through older adults.

Music Therapy can provide a positive change in mood, reminiscence, memory recall, awareness of self and environment, social interaction, self expression, anxiety and stress relief, and sense of control over life and environment.

Music Therapy sessions may include movement to music, relaxation, active music making, music listening, music instruction, and song writing experiences. Waterways Music Services utilizes a person-centered approach where each session is focused and adapted to each individual and their needs.

For more information about music therapy or to find a board-certified music therapist in your area, please contact: www.musictherapy.org and www.cbmt.org

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